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Engineer Change-A new UCLA Samueli initiative

How do we save the planet for future generations? We can start by bringing potable water to areas that desperately need it. We can design new building materials that drastically reduce CO2 emissions. We can lead development of the Smart Grid to better incorporate renewable sources into the nation's power system. These and many other research areas are being pursued by the engineers at UCLA Samueli.

UCLA's Sustainable LA Grand Challenge sets the tone across campus, and our students take up the call to action. Together we seek to solve critical challenges like improving renewable energy harvesting, more accurately forecasting global water supplies, and training our graduate students in devising integrated urban solutions for food, energy and water systems. UCLA Samueli is a great place to design a better world for all.

Here are a few examples of current research happening at UCLA Samueli:

Burton Research Group Improving the resilience of urban regions to natural disasters.
Director: Henry Burton, Englekirk Presidential Endowed Chair in Structural Engineering, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering

Bozorgnia Research Group Research in structural engineering, earthquake engineering, engineering seismology. Director: Yousef Bozorgnia, professor of civil and environmental engineering

Engineered Critical Zone Laboratory Research to improve the understanding of subsurface processes that affect soil and water quality. Director: Sanjay Mohanty, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering

Jay Research Group Integrating field, experimental, and geochemical modeling work to understand the environmental fate and transport of microbial and chemical pollution and nutrients. Director: Jenny Jay, professor of civil and environmental engineering

Water Technology (WaTeR) Research Center The mission of the Water Technology Research Center (WaTeR) is to advance technologies of water production in order to develop new and economical alternative sources of potable, irrigation, and consumptive water uses. The center's activities include science-based innovation, technology evaluation, advanced education, and rapid information dissemination. Director: Yoram Cohen, professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering

Smart Grid Energy Research Center SMERC demonstrates advanced wireless/communications and internet and sense-and-control technologies to enable the development of the next generation of the electric utility grid - The Smart Grid. Director: Rajit Gadh, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Laboratory for the Chemistry of Construction Materials Developing and designing of sustainable low-carbon dioxide foot-print materials for infrastructure construction applications.
Director: Gaurav Sant, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering

Margulis Research Group Conducts research in surface hydrology and hydrometeorology.
Director: Steve Margulis, professor of civil and environmental engineering

Gallien Research Group Research on evolving coastal hazards from climate change and urbanization using numerical modeling and high resolution field observations. Director: Timu Gallien, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering

Mahendra Research Group Research in microbial interactions with chemical contaminants and nanoparticles for applications ranging from ecotoxicology to biodegradation to disinfection. Director: Shaily Mahendra, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering.

Pilon Research Group Interdisciplinary research projects at the intersection between transport and interfacial phenomena, material science, and biology for sustainable energy conversion, storage, and efficiency technologies. Director: Laurent Pilon, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering

Energy Innovation Laboratory Investigating advanced designs for improving capture and storage of energy generated from renewable sources. Director: Richard Wirz, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering

Water Technologies Group Research in the development and testing of innovative water treatment technologies. Director: David Jassby, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering

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