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Recognition of Bequests

UCLA and its Office of Gift Planning wish to acknowledge the following bequests, received from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017

Alfred and Ludmila Raisters Family Trust

Alfrey Living Trust, Anthony

Annie Wise Trust

Anton 1988 Trust, Dorothea

Arthur L. Clark Trust dtd 12/6/1994

Baddeley Family Trust, Philemon and Mary

Estate of Betty L. Citron

Betty Lou Dickhart Trust

Brownell Family 2000 Charitable Remainder Unitrust, Gisela

Carolyn See 2001 Trust

Estrate of Charles Rozaire

Cornwell Family Trust, Virginia

Culbert Remainder Unitrust, Phillip

Dale E. Wilson Trust

David W. Bryan Trust

Donald Lipschutz Trust

Dorothy M. Booth Charitable Trust Dtd 7-8-1987

Edward Scott Morrison Estate

Elsie B. Studer Revocable Living Trust

Escherich Charitable Annuity Trust, Frances

Estate of Alexander Laszlo

Estate of Ann Betts Morgan

Estate of Beverly McLaughlin

Estate of Carol Newton

Estate of David M. Berke

Estate of Edythe M. Mc Govern

Estate of Evelyn Katz

Estate of Helen M. Hackworth

Estate of Hilda Ratner

Estate of Jack Katz

Estate of Jacqueline Kreiman Michels

Estate of Jacqueline S. Weber

Estate of Jean Krysiak

Estate of Jeri L. Weiss

Estate of Jim Hooker

Estate of Katherine K. Talev

Estate of Kurt Meyer

Estate of Lorraine Schaeffer

Estate of Marilyn Adams

Estate of Marvin Fieman

Estate of Melinda Steep

Estate of Nina Byers

Estate of Ray Dean Ford

Estate of Robert David Rodman

Estate of Robert Mazet

Estate of Salvatore Occhipinti

Estate of Steven Wayne Rhodes

Estate of Wallace W. Booth

Exemption Beattie Family Trust

Frederick A. C. Madsen 2006 Revocable Trust

Frida A. Xhonga-Oja Trust

Estate of Gail Patrick Velde

Gerhard J. Weir Trust

Harold R. Sobel Trust

Helen Wilk Gruenberger Trust

Hiller 2007 Charitable Remainder Unitrust, Arthur and Gwen

Iona Benson Trust

J & B McLaughlin Family Trust Dated 02/23/2003

Jacqueline Bolton Trust

Jacqueline D. Goetz Trust

James and Rosemarie Nix Trust

Jerome Shaw Trust

John Jergens Trust

Johnson Family Trust, Geprge and Vina

Juanita Leif Administrative Trust

Kurt Sandman Living Trust

Laura Jean Massey Trust

Leebody Family Trust, Jacqueline

Leon Birnberg Trust

Leonard Apt Trust

Loraine and Whitney Lyon 1989 Trust

Louis and Annette Kaufman Family Trust

Marcia D. Leavitt Revocable Trust

Margaret Bundy Scott Trust Estate

Mary E. Brenneisen Trust

Michael Yendrejczyk Revocable Trust

Mildred L. Bates Trust

Millman Charitable Trusts, Leonard and Elaine

Milton Stark Family Revocable Trust

Nancy Matthews Trust

Noah Mitchell Trust

Norman & Irma Switzer Trust

Olive Williams Family Trust

Payne Family Trust, Una

R.J. Schiller Credit Shelter Trust U/A/D 12/02/2004

Reid Rasmussen Trust

Robert J. Sbordone Trust

Ruth Mitchell Trust

Samuel Kaplan Trust

Seymour N. Gordon Administrative Trust

Sima Conrad Trust

Strassburg Living Trust 10-29-2003, Lorraine

Tasker Investment Trust, John

The Alice R. Crilly 2006 Trust

The Barbara Ross Charitable Trust

The Cooper Family Trust of 2001, Irving and Helga

The Dorothy M. Vanderveld Living Trust

Estate of John G. Contes

The Eunice D. Loseff Living Trust

The Frank D. Hintze Trust

The Gardner Trust, Adelaide

The Lee Ringer Trust

The Mussbach Trust, Robert and Helene

The Rose Clara Drake Trust

The Ruth Phelps Trust

The Wendy Ablon Trust

The Wilder Family Trust, Billy and Audrey

Theda E. Fleischacker Trust

Thomas C. Hays Trust

Thomas Family Trust

Thomas H. Matsunaga CRAT

Tom and Jan Richards Trust

Virginia & William Waterman Estates

William E. Heyler CRT

William S. Davies Revocable Trust

Winifred R. Kenley Trust

Wurzel Trust Agreement, Lillian

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