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Recognition of Bequests Received From July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015

UCLA and its Office of Gift Planning wish to acknowledge the following bequests, received from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015

Harold E. Adelson Family Trust
The Rita J. Aldridge Trust
Robert B. Allan Trust dated 6/15/2010
The Sheila Allen Revocable Trust
The Joan E. Anderson Trust
Leonard Apt Trust
Estate of Kathryn Louise Argabrite
The Richard and Marjorie Barclay Trust
Berman Family 1989 Revocable Inter Vivos Trust, Jack and Eunice
Noel A. Black Trust
Dorothy M. Booth Charitable Trust Dtd 7-8-1987
Valerie Bottlo Trust
Roxy E. Braggins Estate
Brownell Family 2000 Charitable Remainder Unitrust, Gisela
Estate of Nina Byers
Estate of Evelyne J. Byrom
Betty L. Citron Estate
Arthur L. Clark Trust dtd 12/6/1994
Dorothy Colletti Trust
Gale C. Coombs Family Trust dtd 02/15/1984
Culbert Remainder Unitrust, Phillip and Betty
William S. Davies Revocable Trust
Estate of Robert L. Dingfelder
The David Dobrow Trust
The Rose Clara Drake Trust
Buddy Epstein Trust
Estate of Garold Faber
Fantel Family Trust, Mary
The Lelia K. Fligelman Revocable Trust
The Gardner Trust, Adelaide
Richard L. Gay Trust-Estate
Leonard N. and Frances T. Gilbert Trust
The Harvey B. Goddard Trust
The Linda H. Gordon Trust
Gruen Living Trust, William
Estate of Helen M. Hackworth
Hertzberg Family Trust Estate
The Frank D. Hintze Trust
Johnson Inter Vivos Estate Trust, Mildred
The Marcella D. Johnson Revocable Trust
Gayle Knowlden Trust
Roslyn Kramer 1993 Trust
Lewis Robert Leis and Phyllis G. Leis Revocable Trust
Sol A. Leshin Trust
Louis G. Levoy, Jr. Trust
N. Richard Lewis and Sandra L. Lewis Trust
The Mason Family Trust
Estate of Robert Mazet
Estate of Anna Marguerite Meitner
The Holmes O. Miller and Margaret R. Miller Trust Dated April 3, 1981
Millman Charitable Trusts, Leonard and Elaine
Edward Scott Morrison Estate
Murray Charitable Remainder Unitrust, Victoria
Miriam J. Neuhauser Trust
Estate of Carol Newton
The Kemp R. Niver Trust Dtd 3-16-1990
Nello Pace and Mary Jo Pace Trust
Payne Family Trust, Una Ann
Estate of Jean Petras
Pulver Restated Trust, Dorothy
Rasmussen Family Trust, Robert
The Lee Ringer Trust
Leah Rivenburg Trust
Charles A. Rogers Testamentary Trust
Sackheim Trust of 1977, Joanne
Kurt Sandman Living Trust
Robert J. Sbordone Trust
Estate of Lorraine Schaeffer
Shannon Trust, Patricia
Estate of Gordon D. Smith
Syd and Max Sonnenschein 2000 Revocable Living Trust
Starns Family Survivor's Trust, Barbara
Strassburg Living Trust 10-29-2003, Lorraine
Elsie B. Studer Revocable Living Trust
Livio Trust, Anne Sullivan
Norman & Irma Switzer Trust
Glenn D. Taylor Inter Vivos Trust
Estate of Gail Patrick Velde
Jane E. Vorreuter Trust
Gerhard J. Weir Trust
Dorothy Wellman Living Trust
Caroline D. West Trust Living Trust of 2003
The Wilder Family Trust, Billy and Audrey
Mary E. Williams Revocable Trust
Edith P. Williamson Trust dtd 07/13/1978
Wurzel Trust, Lilian
The Marjorie Zittau Trust

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